Here are some of the websites I’ve been making fairly religious use of during my weight loss journey so far. Check them out!

For recipes:

  • Whole Foods: This is a store I love to shop when I have time to wander the crowded aisles and explore new things. Their website has an amazing recipe section filled with all kinds of delicious ideas. Note that not all of their recipes are particularly low in fat or calories, but they have so many that are.
  • Leslie Sarna’s The Dainty Vegetarian: Though some of her dishes can be down right sinful, many are low calorie and low fat by the sheer virtue of their being completely vegetarian. If you are a big time meat eater, don’t let her lack of using meat scare you away. Everything I have tried has been delicious!
  • Gina’s Skinny Recipes at Skinny Taste: This lady is pretty great. She takes so many delicious and awfully bad for you recipes and converts them into something that is good for just about anyone to eat. She uses Weight Watchers herself, but she still supplies all the major nutrition information for those of us who don’t.
  • Gluten Free Girl: Since I started to eat 95% gluten-free, I have been on the hunt for great blogs and recipe sites. This one is definitely worth checking out.
  • Gluten Free Goddess: Another great blog full of recipes for those of us eating gluten free.

For tracking weight, activity, calories, and so much more:

  • Calorie Count: I’ve really come to love this website. You get a daily email with articles, stories, and interviews. You can track your food intake and caloric output. You can join groups with like-minded individuals. Definitely one of my best tools.
  • Fitocracy: This website is great! It takes exercise and makes it into a game you play with all your friends. Run 20 minutes? Log it and you’ll earn points and unlock accomplishments and complete quests! The more points you earn, the higher your level. It’s awesome!

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