My bike is Sexy. Columbus is Pretty. (Day 9)

Tonight, John and I decided to take a bike ride. After the ride Saturday had my crotch down to my toes going numb, I knew I had to buy a new bike saddle. I’ve had the old one since I bought the bike – it was the one that came with it, after all. But I’m down 20 to 30 pounds since then and that makes a huge difference, it would appear. So, Sunday I bought the new saddle and finally got around to testing it out tonight. MUCH better. Thank goodness.


Columbus is a really pretty city with lots of interesting architecture and rivers running through it. Makes it very photogenic. And yes, my bike is sexy.

We stopped at one of the newer parks and watched some kids playing in the fountains. Talk about heart-lifting. Hearing them giggle and splash and squeal was better than any antidepressant I’ve tried so far.


And finally, I can’t forget to share my photo from the challenge.


Day 9: Work.

Yes, I’m a nurse. Yes, I work for Goodwill Columbus. Yes, they do so much more than just thrift stores. I’ll post more on that later.

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