Days 10 to 16: I suck at this kind of thing

There’s no getting around it, I really and truly suck at posting on a consistent basis. Yes, I even suck at it when I’m doing a challenge type thingy. It’s funny because back in high school and college (the hay-days of livejournal and the like), I posted a ton. I was posting multiple times a day at times. But now, I can’t seem to post even every other day consistently. Ah well.

Day 10 we shared our happiest memories. While, strictly speaking, my photo was not of my happiest memory, it comes pretty close. It was taken the day I found out, officially, that I had passed my NCLEX and was a licensed nurse.


Day 10: Happiest Memory.

Day 11 we shared a moonlight photo. I chose to share a photo I had taken under cover of the night sky, but it’s definitely not the moon. This photo shows what happens when you drink and drive. The driver first hit a parked car on her side of the road and then crossed to the opposite side, came up over the curb, across the sidewalk, through the front yard, and then smacked into the tree in my neighbor’s yard. Needless to say, she was taken away in handcuffs. Moral of the story? Don’t drink and drive folks.


Day 11: Moonlight.

On Day 12, birds were on the agenda. It was a day I worked and was stuck inside all day. When I got home, it was raining and all the birds were hiding. So, I grabbed Katniss’s duck toy and snapped a photo of that instead. If it works…


Day 12: Birds.

Day 13 was a day to share a photo of our mother’s. Yes, it was a day late as Mother’s Day was the 12th, but better late than never, I suppose. This is my mom and I when I was still a very small fry. Apparently, I used to love running around the house naked.


Day 13: Your Mom.

Day 14 was flag day. Despite my efforts, there were no flags to be seen anywhere I went. I wound up sharing a photo with a banner in it. Banners are kinda like flags, right?


Day 14: Flag.

Yesterday, Day 15, we shared a photo of family. I snapped this picture that evening and thought it very well summed up my current little family.


Day 15: Family.

And that brings us to today, Day 16. Our photo mission of the day was to capture something beautiful. There is beauty pretty much everywhere you look, but when Sadie plopped down on the chair next to me as I prepared to take my photo and chirped at me, I knew she wanted to be today’s subject.


Day 16: Beautiful.

Having worked a lot, and at a crazy variety of hours, over the weekend left me really rather exhausted. It took from getting off Monday evening until yesterday evening before I felt human enough to do any physical activity again. John and I attempted to do the Ride of Silence, but he got a flat very early in. We had to walk our bikes back down the road at a pretty quick pace in order to get to the bike shop before it closed. So, all told, we got in about 10.2 miles in roughly 50 minutes on our bikes and another 1.6 miles in 24 minutes on foot. Not too shabby.

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