Hello, World. I’m Losing It!

Hey out there. I’m a 25 year old nurse named Evalyn. If you are reading this, congratulations, you’re watching me get started on a tremendous weight loss journey. I’m never sure how to start out telling the story of me, but I figure it would be best to provide a little background on me and how I got to this point.

I’ve had weight troubles since I was about 8. I had been a perfectly healthy weight most of my childhood but when my parents separated and subsequently divorced, I turned to food for comfort. I think all the big changes really shook me up in a way that I couldn’t put into words when I was so young. From then I always clocked in a little overweight, but never hugely so.

In my early teens, I realized I was bigger than my friends and began working to starve myself. I remember clearly the day I decided it was best I skip breakfast, and then lunch, and then only eat enough dinner to keep my dad from noticing. I lost quite a bit of weight, but when I did start eating normally again, I rebounded hard. By 15 I was 210 pounds. I joined Weight Watchers and lost 60 pounds. I was 150 pounds at 5’7″ and looked and felt great. I was more confident, made more friends, shopped at the trendy stores, and felt like nothing could bring me back down.

Of course, as it has a way of doing, life threw me a curve ball. I was drastically and suddenly gained back all the weight I lost plus some. It took a few months but the cause was eventually determined to be an influx of blood insulin from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It took a major toll on my newly blossoming self-confidence.

The weight loss road from that point on has been very hard. PCOS makes loosing weight an even harder uphill battle than it already is. For a long time I would diet and then spring back suddenly and unexpectedly regardless of how close I followed a diet or how often I worked out. I fell back into my starvation and excessive exercise routine in my sophomore and junior years of college. Gained more weight again when I started eating normally again, again. And finally got to this point.

I’m 25. I’m 5’7. And at my very highest weight I stepped on a scale and saw 300 and knew that enough was finally enough. So, here I am, carrying around exactly double of the me I want to be. And, I’m looking to lose that extra me.