Days 4 and 5

I was on the Market to Market bike ride yesterday. It’s a lovely ride here in Columbus that runs from The North Market, in the Brewery District, to The Hills Market, north of 270. If you know anything about Columbus, you know that’s a fairly decent distance. All told, we rode 27.2 miles yesterday. Wasn’t a bad ride since the weather was perfect.

Anywho, because of that, I missed Day 4 of the photo challenge. So, here it is now:


Day 4: Lines

And here is my photo from today:


Day 5: Something You Can’t Live Without. Shut up, I know. But, in all honesty, he’s made me a better, happier, more mellow person. I would hate to be myself without him. And, BONUS!, he still says he likes me after nearly 5 years. I’m as surprised as you probably are. =P

And I’ll leave you with the message I found in my fortune cookie with dinner tonight. I found it very apropos for what I’ve been going through in the last few months.

“It takes guts to get out of the ruts.”


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