Photo a Day in May

There is this little “challenge” going around on Instagram right now. It’s called Photo a Day May. The basic gist being that you take a photo of whatever the days challenge is and share it on Instagram. I really liked that idea.


The Challenge

As you can tell, some of those objectives are rather vague and others are very specific. All should provide a fun challenge though. And, I’ve been trying to focus on finding meaningful or positive moments every day to help me get through my personal darkness. So having something like this to work on will help with that task for sure.

Obviously I’m a day late, so I had to provide two pictures today. Here they are:


Day 1: Self Portrait. Not the best but it will do.


Day 2: Favorite Color. My favorite color is green and there is an abundance of it in the spring time. This is a photo taken in the triangle park down the street. Off in the distance you can see John and Katniss (our new puppy) running around the tree.

I’ve decided all pop in here every day I work on this challenge and share the days photo with you all. Maybe coming by so often will actually have me updating more often too? One can hope.


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