Spill It! Or, Why I Left My Last Job.

Well, first and foremost, I was never really happy there. It was a stopgap. I didn’t want to be stuck in the awful hours I was getting with J/K following HHC trying to run me out the door, so I kinda jumped at the first job with regular, reliable hours that came my way and kept quietly looking for something else.

But after a month and a half there, I was noticing more and more lies and inconsistencies in what I had been told. I noticed my paychecks were always slightly short of the actual hours I should have had (even bigger deal than normal since I was making so little to begin with). I was constantly made to stay past my end of shift but then they wouldn’t pay me for any of that time. It was bullshit. The other employees weren’t happy either. I was hearing all kinds of things that made me uneasy.

Then my co-teacher got written up. She was informed she wasn’t doing her job right (when she was doing it exactly the way they had told her too not a month before). We had all these new rules and changes thrust at us. We worked with 8 to 18 month old kids primarily. They don’t handle major changes coming at them fast well. Our room went from nice to chaos and hell immediately. It got hard. Management said that was our fault – that we sucked at our jobs. My co-teacher was really hurt and I was angry on her behalf.

One day, things were particularly bad. Nothing was going right. Then in quick succession a kid whose diaper I was changing jerked and flipped and hurt my wrist, one kid bit another one with neither of us teachers seeing it so we had no answers for parent, then I slipped across a mess and pulled my groin just enough to hurt and make me hobbly. I was on the verge of tears and mumbled “I give up on today.” My co-teacher knew that look since she had been there before and got someone to come into the room so I could take a breather.

I talked to the school director told her our room was in chaos and I felt underprepared for that. I told her I felt like, as someone who did not go to school specifically to work in a daycare, I could use some more training so I would know more and better techniques to manage really, really little kids who were unhappy with the changes being mandated. I told her that I might prefer working with older kids. And I told her I was unhappy with the way things were at that very moment.

Later on that day, I get called back to the front office and basically told “Here are your options: 1. Tough it out and deal with it. We don’t have another classroom and we aren’t training you anymore. 2. We can fire you. 3. You can quit.” So I quit.

They wrote some bullshit letter saying I was “discharged due to violating company policy” but never told me I was discharged or that I had violated a company policy or which one I had violated. It was basically a form letter they had so that when I went to file unemployment recently, they could give that to those offices and not pay. The teachers there are great, they love their kids. It’s the people that own it. They could give a rat’s ass about those children. They care about the kids safety in so much as it is required of them too or they could get sued or lose their permission to run the school. For them, it’s a money making business and it is lucrative. I mean, they charge parents every single week (even if the kid is out sick or away for a few weeks visiting grandma in the summer) not just the weeks they are in the classroom, for fuck’s sake. Anything to make some extra cash.


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