Biggest Loser Week 7 Results

Hey all!

Sorry for another late results email. I’ve been holding off hoping to get the last of the weights, thus my tardiness. Alas…

This weeks results:

  • Allie: down 0.71%
  • Beth: down 0.62%
  • Evy: down 1.05%
  • Jen: down 0.85%
  • Melissa: down 1.86%
  • Moon: down 0.75%
  • Trisha: down 0.00%*

Melissa is this week’s winner! Yay!

Also, I have to share of some really great news. Big congratulations are in order for Moon, who has crossed in to ONE-derland (as they say). Big congrats on breaking free of the 200s! That’s such a great accomplishment!

Next week is our last weigh-in for this round so please, please, please, please send me your weights on time. It takes all of 3 minutes to step on the scale and text me the exact number you see. I want to be sure everyone gets recognized for the weight loss accomplishments they’ve made and I ca’t do that if I don’t have the weights up to date.

Have a fantastic week!


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau


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