Meet your newest bra sizing advocate… ME!

I know they say that some astronomically high percentage of women are wearing the wrong bra size. I know that stores like Victoria’s Secret and department stores say they’ll “size you right.” I know that women trust those measurements without question. I now know that you shouldn’t. I trusted those sizers for years. I wore an uncomfortable 42DDD or 44DDD for a long time thinking maybe I was just “oddly shaped” or that a cup size up would solve my problems. But ladies, let me tell you something, I was so freaking wrong it’s not even funny.

I found the single best sizing guide ever last week. Followed its instructions, went out and bought 2 bras near that size to try out. And, today, I can say that I’m wearing a 40K and have never been more comfortable in a bra in my entire life! Seriously.

So, let me offer you this, if you are a fellow lady who all too often finds herself uncomfortable in her bra or has quad-boob or armpit bulges, or that unsightly back dent/roll thing going on in the bra she was “sized at” from one of those stores, I will help you size yourself and find a better fitting bra. I’m making this my mission from now on!


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