Biggest Loser Week 5 Results

Hey all!

Another cold week here in Ohio. Boooo!

Here are the results:

  • Allie: down 1.00%
  • Beth: down 0.43%
  • Evy: down -1.20%
  • Jen: down -0.54%
  • Melissa: down 2.58%
  • Moon: down 0.50%
  • Trisha: down 0.00%*

That means Melissa is our weekly winner! Well done!

Also, congrats to Allie on being back in “one”-derland. Lame, yes, I know, but I see it referred to that way a lot on the blogs of highly successful weight loss peoples. =P

Have a great week!


“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.” -Denis Waitley

*Late, unexcused


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