Meal Plan

I’d gotten away from doing meal plans for a long time. It seemed like I’d line up great recipes and dinner ideas but something would always get in the way. Then I had a change in my scheduled hours at work, a semi-layoff, and a new job that has me getting home several hours later. On top of that, moving and splitting our time between two places meant we didn’t go grocery shopping. We ate out. A lot. Too much.

The new year seems like as good a time as any to try and break ourselves of this awful habit. It’s particularly a good time since, for the first time in ages, I’m running a Biggest Loser Challenge again (starts tomorrow!) and I’m getting back on the gluten-free bandwagon (more on this later).

John and I sat down and went over dinner ideas a few nights ago and this evening we hit up the grocery store. We loaded up on the ingredients we’ll need for the meals we have planned and lots of gluten-free goodies that both he and I can enjoy. I’m hoping with healthier food options (and safer for my body options, too) in the house, we won’t be tempted to go out as much. Sure, it really is easier to let someone else cook for you, but it costs so much and does horrible things to my insides after a while.

Meal Plan

  • Sunday: John’s mom’s lumpia (we brought it back frozen from Christmas), rice, and Chinese takeout leftovers.
  • Monday: John is going to our friend Laura’s cooking class. She’s a really great chef and owns her own Korean food truck, Ajumama, here in Columbus. Since I work late, I can’t make it, so I’m having a gluten-free soup and sandwich dinner. John had better bring home some awesome new recipes for us to try and adapt.
  • Tuesday: John’s off on the Tuesday Night Ride with one of the local biking communities. I’ll be having Annie’s organic gluten-free mac n cheese and easy naked chicken fingers.
  • Wednesday: Tacos! I’m basically going to be taking Gimme Some Oven‘s recipe for Easy Chicken Chimichangas and adopting it for our needs. That is to say, I’m gonna use her filling in our corn tortilla tacos. We’ll be having spiced black beans and rice as sides.
  • Thursday: Gluten-Free Spicy Peanut Chicken. John will be stopping by our friend group’s Bar Thursday, but I honestly have no interest in the location they have chosen for this week. So, as long as he’s home to eat dinner, I’ll be cooking. =)
  • Friday: Mama Mimi’s Take and Bake Pizza and Game Night! Mama Mimi’s makes gluten-free pizza so I can nosh on (basically) the same things our friends eat. Score!
  • Saturday: Play it by ear.

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