Fresh Start

When I first started this blog, I had planned on using it for just weight loss and recipes. But then, as it often does, life threw me a curve ball and I found I had more to say and needed this place to say it. Since then, things have been up and down and I’m starting to think permanently turning this in to my “life” blog instead of just my weight loss blog might not be a bad idea.

So what’s been going on?

Well, honestly, surprisingly little. I mean, at least compared to what had been going on last time I posted. I’ve been working and keeping busy. I had to quit taking classes for the time being since I fall in that “donut hole” of making too much for good financial aid but not nearly enough to pay the difference. But that last quarter before I quit, I got on 4.0 Dean’s List. Very proud of myself. I’ve also started looking for another job to try and help make more money, to gain more experience, to get better benefits. It’s not that I don’t like my job, I do, but there is still so much in the nursing world to see and do that I just can’t where I’m at and the company I work for is so small their benefits are pretty terrible. My brother and I just started volunteering for CHA Animal Shelter and I’ve been fostering kitties for them for a little while. It’s a great organization, really. If you are in or around Columbus, Ohio, you should really check them out. And, finally, John and I’ve been working on getting this wedding planned with some major hiccups along the way. Families: we love them, even when they make life more difficult.

What ever happened with your health?

Well, I’ve been sans gall bladder for a while now and I’m definitely still learning what I can and can’t eat. Some of my food sensitivities have worsened (red meat, dairy, peanuts) and others are doing somewhat better (gluten). I don’t really know where the threshold for each food item is yet, but some things seem to have my whole system in knots with a couple bites and others take much more. I’m hoping as time goes on I’ll get it all sorted out.

I’ve also recently discovered I have what’s called Sjogren’s Syndrome. Remember that long list of weird symptoms I was having? Turns out, those that weren’t directly related to my gall bladder dying a most painful death can be explained by this lovely autoimmune disorder. The reason it flared so horribly when my gall bladder was dying? Well, like most autoimmune disorders, it’s initial severe onset is concurrent with another infection or system malfunction. I’d say what I had going on was a big old malfunction if there ever was one. There is no real treatment for Sjogren’s and it’s something I’m gonna have to deal with the rest of my life, but I’ve been learning tips and techniques to minimize the less pleasant symptoms. I’m also applying to be an awareness ambassador. I figure that by helping others learn about it, I’ll help myself as well.

So what’s all this mean for this blog?

Well, I think it means that I’m going to attempt to actually post more. I also think it means you should expect to see more posts discussing daily life, wedding planning, work, the job hunt, school, and everything in between. I’m still working very hard to lose weight and I’m sure recipes and weigh-ins will still pop up on here, but they definitely won’t be all you are seeing.


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