Biggest Loser Week 8 Results

Hey guys!

This won’t be a terribly long email as I need to get right back to studying, but I wanted to share a link to an article and get you those results.

Here’s a VERY interesting article done by the New York Times about some research that’s come out regarding the way people often think of dieting. Know how we are always taught that 3500 calories makes up a pound? Ever had a weekend you knew you only went over by 600 calories all weekend and yet you manage to gain 3 pounds? These guys are working to explain that. Please, have a look. It’s worth the read.

Why Even Resolute Dieters Often Fail


  • Allie: down 0.26%
  • Beth: down 0.25%
  • Evy: down 1.21%
  • Jen: down 2.10%
  • Jess: down 1.32%
  • Moon: down 0.73%
  • Trisha: down 1.59%
  • James: LU
  • Group: down 1.07% or 17.8 pounds!

Holy crap guys. What an amazing week for everyone! So proud of all of you. Of course, our winner this week is Jen. YAY!

Overall Results:

  • Allie: down 0.77%
  • Beth: down 4.70%
  • Evy: down 4.52%
  • Jen: down 3.32%
  • Jess: down 7.31%
  • Moon: down 1.21%
  • Trisha: down 0.74%
  • James: LU
  • Group: down 3.41% or 57.9 pounds!

Do you guys realize how awesome this is? Wow! Jess is still currently in the lead for percent lost by a wide margin, but a couple contenders are closing the gap on total weight lost. Someone better step up and give her a run for her money. Can’t make this too easy now. =P

Monies Due:

  • Allie: owes $13.25
  • Beth: owes $12
  • Evy: owes $10
  • Jen: owes $11
  • Jess: owes $12.50
  • Moon: owes $12.25
  • Trisha: owes $14
  • James: owes $13.50 (subject to change)
  • Total Pot: $98.50

Don’t know if you guys realize it or not, but we are just now at our halfway point. Everyone is doing so well so far. I know you guys will continue to do awesome. Look at that pot, by the way! It’s gonna be huge!!

Have a great week!


“A man of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can realize his potentialities.” -Charles de Gaulle


Winner Profile


Jen looking pretty!

Name: Jen

Age: 26

Occupation: High School Math Teacher

Goal Weight: 140

Percent Lost from Last Week: 2.10%

Total Percent Lost: 3.32%

Big Congrats go out to Jen!


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