Biggest Loser Week 5 Results

Hey kiddos!

Well, we have officially completed our 5th week and everyone is doing great so far. You know me, I’m always proud of everyone. =)

Don’t forget, Friday is my birthday dinner and game night and, while I know some people just won’t be able to make it no matter what, if you are coming, be sure to let me know since I’m going to have to put in our reservation by Thursday morning.

Without further ado, this weeks results:

  • Allie: down 0.78%
  • Beth: down 1.56%
  • Evy: down 0.81%
  • Jen: down -0.21%
  • Jess: down 0.35%
  • Moon: down -0.74%
  • Trisha: down 0.82%
  • James: down 0%

This means that my momma, Beth, is our weekly winner! Yay! I’m loving that we are having a new winner almost every week. Gives all of us a moment to shine! =D

Overall, everyone is doing great as well. Here’s those results:

  • Allie: down 1.54%
  • Beth: down 3.89%
  • Evy: down 3.90%
  • Jen: down 2.28%
  • Jess: down 6.49%
  • Moon: down 0.49%
  • Trisha: down 0.04%
  • James: down 4.44%

This means that Jess is still in the lead for overall winner! Someone better catch up and give that girl a run for her money. Can’t make it too easy for her to win that pot twice. =P

Our group results:

  • We started in weighing in at 1696.4 pounds.
  • We’re down to 1648.3 pounds. That’s a difference of 48.1 pounds or 1.63%. WOW!
  • From last week, we are down 0.41%.

And here’s what everyone owes to the pot at this point:

  • Allie: owes $10
  • Beth: owes $9
  • Evy: owes $8
  • Jen: owes $9
  • Jess: owes $9
  • Moon: owes $10
  • Trisha: owes $11
  • James: owes $10

Our total pot is at $76 already! Fantastic!

Welp, that’s it for this week. Way to go everyone!


“You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.” -David Viscott


Winner Profile


Beth looking pretty

Name: Beth

 Age: 59

 Occupation: Nurse

Competing From: Dayton, Ohio

 Goal Weight: 145

 Percent Lost from Last Week: 1.56%

 Total Percent Lost: 3.89%


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