Biggest Loser Week 4 Results

Hey everyone!

It’s been another great week for our BL Challenge and another beautiful one outside!

I’m thinking I might institute a new little rule, nothing bad or to punish anyone, just something to keep the game players on their toes. I was thinking that, if anyone ever wins 2 weeks in a row, the actual “winner” title and free week will go to the person who came in second. I was thinking that would help better ensure that everyone has a better chance of getting to be our weekly winner at least once. Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, the people that have more weight to lose, well, they’ve got a harder time of getting those high percentages. Someone who weighs 100 pounds in going to have to lose 5 pounds to drop 5%, whereas someone who weighs 200 pounds is going to have to drop 10 pounds. See what I mean? I just thought that might level the playing field since with so many new players this round, our weights are more spread out than last round. If anyone is super opposed to this and can give me a good reason for their objection, I will gladly drop the idea, but I think this really might be to everyone’s benefit. =)

Also, the lovely Miss Jen had a super fantastic idea that I meant to mention earlier but totally forgot about. Since we are all in the process of bettering ourselves physically, how about we add mentally/spiritually bettering ourselves as well? Her idea was to have us all do something philanthropic once a month and report back to me, for bonus karma points. Basically, if you volunteer or do something to help others (donate money or canned goods or clothing or something like that) at least once a month, then you’ll get one free “skip day” for a weekly weigh-in. So, if you have a bad week and you don’t want to weigh-in, you don’t have to and you won’t be charged additional fees. This will of course be run on the honor system, but I think I can trust you all. =D

So, after all that, let me get down to business. This week’s results are as follows:

  • Allie: down 1.28%
  • Beth: down -0.85%
  • Evy: down 0.56%
  • Jen: down 1.36%
  • Jess: down 2.79%**
  • Moon: down 1.21%
  • Trisha: missed unexcused
  • James: down 0.34%

This of course means that Jess is our weekly winner! Big congrats go out to her for winning this week, but also for GETTING HER FIRST BIG KID JOB! YAY! Be sure to share the love, everyone.

The overall results now stand at:

  • Allie: down 0.77%
  • Beth: down 2.35%
  • Evy: down 3.27%
  • Jen: down 2.49%
  • Jess: down 6.17%
  • Moon: down 1.21%
  • Trisha: down ?
  • James: down 4.44%

This of course means that Jess is currently in the lead.

Here is where everyone stands monetarily:

  • Allie: owes $9
  • Beth: owes $9
  • Evy: owes $7
  • Jen: owes $8
  • Jess: owes $8
  • Moon: owes $9
  • Trisha: owes $10
  • James: owes $9

**This is based on the 5 pound rule. Jess is actually down 3.02% this week.

Alright everyone, have a great week!


“Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.” -Mark Twain


Winner Profile


Looking great!

Name: Jess

Age: 24

Occupation: Technical Writer and Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Competing From: Grove City, Pennsylvania

Goal Weight: 145

 Percent Lost from Last Week: 2.79%** (3.02%)

 Total Percent Lost: 6.17%


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