Biggest Loser Week 3 Results

Hey all!

Well, with the addition of James, we’re now up to 8 competitors! Which means not only a bigger pot, but fiercer competition. This could be a great thing for all of us – I know it is for me. Getting a little bit more competition sure motivates me to do even better than before.

Well, without further ado, this weeks results:

  • Allie: down 0.51%
  • Beth: down 0.36%
  • Evy: down 1.98%**
  • Jen: down -0.95%
  • Jess: down 0.78%
  • Moon: down -0.24%
  • Trisha: down -0.82%
  • James: down 1.41%

Which means that EVY is our weekly winner!

Our overall changes so far are as follows:

  • Allie: down -0.51%
  • Beth: down 3.17%
  • Evy: down 2.73%
  • Jen: down 2.07%
  • Jess: down 3.25%
  • Moon: down 0%
  • Trisha: down -0.74%
  • James: down 4.11%

Which means that JAMES is in the lead so far. But don’t despair, look at how close those numbers are! Everyone is doing great! And, with 13 weigh-ins remaining, it’s still anybody’s game.

Here’s a quick recap of the amount of money each of you owes to the pot as of right now:

  • Allie: owes $8
  • Beth: owes $8
  • Evy: owes $6
  • Jen: owes $7
  • Jess: owes $8
  • Moon: owes $8
  • Trisha: owes $8
  • James: owes $8
  • Total Pot: $61

And our group changes stand at:

  • From last week: down 0.57%
  • Overall: down 1.63%

Way to go everyone! Hope everyone has another good week!


“I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught.” -Georgia O’Keefe


Winner Profile


Evy looking snazzy

Name: Evy

 Age: 25

 Occupation: Nurse, your blogger, and Mary Kay Senior Beauty Consultant

 Goal Weight: 160

 Percent Lost from Last Week: 1.98%** (2.88%)

 Total Percent Lost: 2.73%


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