Ready for a New Round of Biggest Loser?!

I think I’m gonna keep posting our weekly Biggest Loser emails and results. They are a nice way to see what’s going on in my life.


Hey everyone!

First off, I’m sending this message out to any of you who have mentioned even a passing interest in our competition If you are not interested in joining this round, that’s fine, just let me know and I will not include you in future round emails. Everyone who participated last time did really great and walked away having lost weight. Our overall winner was Jess and she won $80! That was just with 5 people participating, imagine what we could have in the pot with more! No one paid out even $20 so it’s not a very pricey competition, but you win self-confidence, healthier mind and body, and so much more even if you don’t win the money.

Please read the entirety of this email if you plan to compete!!

Alrighty! So, Monday (tomorrow!) marks the start of our second round of Biggest Loser Challenge. This challenge will last longer than our last round, but there will be a longer break between this and the next. The exact dates are these:

  • Start: Monday, August 1, 2011
  • End: Monday, November 21, 2011
  • Start of Third Round: Monday, January 2, 2012

Why are we doing a longer round? Well, the idea is this: If we stopped right when the 3 months is up, we wouldn’t be able to get another full round in before all the holiday craziness kicks in. Thus, we are extending this round by 3 weeks to push us right up until Thanksgiving. Then we will have the last week and a half of November and all of December off of competition so we can enjoy the holidays and family without worrying about gaining a pound or two and without worrying about getting your weights to me on time. Competition will start up again on January 2 as it is the perfect time for those New Years resolutions to become a reality. =)

Now that we have that covered, here all the rules. Please pay attention to them, even you seasoned veterans, as the rules have changed a little bit:

  1. There is absolutely no specific diet you are to follow during this competition. All we ask of each other is that everyone remains healthy. For us women folk, that means eating a bare minimum of 1200 calories a day. For you men folk, you need to eat at least 1400 calories a day.
  2. To participate, you must be willing to add $5 to the pot to start and then $1 dollar every subsequent week – unless you are the weekly winner. At the end of the 3 month period, the person who has lost the highest percentage overall will be winner and receive the entire pot to buy themselves a fancy new outfit.
  3. You must email me your actual, by-the-scale (not “up/down 2 pounds”) weight every Monday before 11:59pm. I will then compile a list of the weight loss percentages of everyone, declare the weekly winner, and email it out to you by Tuesday at 11:59pm. The declared winner will be excluded from this, but all others will have a dollar added to their total for the final winner.
  4. If you must be late or miss a week AND let me know AHEAD of time, you will be charged an additional 25 cents on top of the $1 weekly fee.
  5. If you are late in submitting your weight on any given week without letting me know why ahead of time by text or email, you will have an additional 50cents added on to your running tab.
  6. If you miss a week without letting me know ahead of time by text or email, you will have an additional $1 added on to your running tab.
  7. If any person reaches their ultimate goal weight before the end of any round of competition, that round is totally over and the person who reaches their goal is automatically declared the winner.
  8. Finally, as a normal, healthy amount of weekly weight loss is between 1 and 2 pounds a week, I will only use the first 5 pounds lost in a week to calculate your weekly percent lost. Any weight loss beyond that is good on you and will count towards the total percent lost, but I can not condone, and therefore use, any more than that in one week on a regular basis.

Alright everyone, with that all said, if you know of anyone else who might possibly be interested in joining us for this round, please forward this email on to them. As long as I have their starting weight and ultimate goal weight by the designated time, they can play too!

I wish you all the best of luck!


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle.” -Christian D. Larson


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