An Article Worth Checking Out

I have been sharing our weekly results to our Biggest Loser Challenge here for the last few weeks, but this time I felt like sharing a mid-week email I’ve sent out as well. I hope some of you find the information and advice as great as I did. =)


Sorry to send you all a message in the middle of the week like this, but I simply *had* to share this article I found. The advice given is spot-on for situation I know we all face every day as we try to improve ourselves by losing some weight.

I know that we’ve all had at least one weight gain since we started this Biggest Loser Challenge or felt at times we simply weren’t losing fast enough, but I want you all to know not to let those things get you down and to remember that a MAXIMUM of 2 pounds lost a week on average is considered healthy. When we lose weight faster, even though we all want to, we run the risk of getting sick or developing seriously saggy skin. And if you put on a little weight after a special occasion, so what! If the “bad” meal was special and the taste and the calories were worth it, then accept it and move on.

Anyways, without further ado, here is the article I wanted to share:

Five Ways Dieters Sabotage Themselves

by Diane Petrella, MSW

Weight loss is challenging enough without getting in your own way. Learn to stop self-sabotage and take charge!  Here are five common pitfalls and how to overcome them.

Self-Sabotage #1:   You disregard the power of your thoughts and think weight loss happens only through physical effort.

We’re conditioned to believe that releasing weight is only about diet and exercise. Of course, that’s important. But the thoughts in your mind are just as important as the calories you consume.

Solution:  Discover what limiting beliefs hold you back. If you’re not sure, listen to your self-talk and how you speak to and react to others. Become aware of fears or doubts that hinder your progress. Learn new strategies to empower yourself with encouragingwords.

Self-Sabotage #2:  Instead of focusing on your goal, you dwell on being overweight.

Until you shift negative attention away from your current weight, and focus on where you’re going, you’ll remain stuck. Criticizing yourself keeps you attached to what you don’t want.  It’s like trying to drive forward in your car while still in “park.”  You’re not going anywhere.

Solution:  To keep the image of your goal in mind, regularly practice visualization. This helps you create the feeling of excited anticipation of having the body you desire. This new mental model of success gently guides you towards your goal.

Self-Sabotage #3.  You punish  yourself for setbacks instead of moving on.

Every path to dieting success has its ups and downs.  What you perceive as a setback stops your progress only when you think it does.

Solution:  Be gentle with yourself. You will make huge strides when you simply say “I’ll make a different choice next time” and let it go. Practice self-forgiveness.  When you release shame and guilt, minor slips become meaningless.

Self-Sabotage #4:  You want to change your body, but don’t accept it as it is now.

It may seem strange to think of accepting a body you want to change. But, ironically,  what we resist, persists. Remaining at war with your body keeps you stuck and keeps weight on. Being at peace isn’t about accepting excess weight, it’s about accepting yourself.

Solution:  Give your body a daily gift. In doing so you’re honoring yourself, and your body. Your gift could be a ten-minute walk, a glass of water, or lotion on your hands. By consciously offering your body daily devotion you’re creating a pathway to self-acceptance and self-love.

Self-Sabotage #5:  You become discouraged when you don’t see immediate results.

Permanent weight loss takes time. Patience is necessary to emotionally grow into the new person you’re becoming. Allow inner transformation to happen along with the outer change of reducing pounds. One reason yo-yo dieting is so common is that weight is released but self-sabotaging thoughts are not.

Solution:  Even when you don’t see visible results, have faith. You are making progress. Recognize that your tendency to find evidence of failure is your fear-based mind trying to discourage you. Hold faith in your heart. Just because you haven’t reached your goal yet doesn’t mean you won’t. You will.


So everyone,

How will you stop sabotaging yourself and move forward?


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