A Message in a Library Book

It always seems that life has a way of sending you little encouraging messages just when you need it most. Last night was no exception.

I went and got my new library card on Monday afternoon and checked out a big old stack of books (seven to be exact!). I’ve started reading them and it’s been a big adventure for me. I cracked open Love in the Time of Cholera early this evening. A chapter into it, I found a post-it stuck between the pages. On it was written just the message I needed to hear:

“It’s all within yourself. No one else can make you change.”

Wow. Just wow. Just when I start to feel a little less motivated, I find that. It’s so true too. Everything you need to change and better yourself is within you. No one else can make you change – only you can.

Anyways, I hope this post finds you all well. =)


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