On the Hunt for New EASY Recipes

Hey everyone out there! I know there aren’t too many of you who read this regularly, but if you are even a first timer stopping in, I’m in need of some help.

I’m on a mission to find easy, healthy, tasty recipes. I want to be able to cook more even with John traveling and my working nights but I’ve been struggling to get motivated. I detest just cooking for myself, especially when I’m not waking up until the afternoon or evening. On the days I go into work , I hate even more having to wake up early to cook some complicated meal.

Some of the things that I’d love to see in your recipe suggestions:

  1. Crockpot!
  2. Meals that do okay when frozen and reheated so I can portion them out and not waste.
  3. Meals that won’t take forever to prep or cook.
  4. Recipes that don’t have too many “weird” ingredients. (You know, I don’t to have to go hunt down truffle oil and then only use it once. =P)

If you could just reply in the comments with links to recipes or their host websites, I’d love you forever!



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