Radio Silence

Hello out there, everyone. I apologize for the long absence here. I started a new job last week working nights, after being sick for about 2 weeks, and I’ve been struggling to figure out how to do some cooking. I’ve all but decided that the days I work will entail me throwing some food in the crockpot before I hit the hay in the morning and have it nice and prepared when I wake. The days I’m off I’ll cook, do leftovers, and one day a week we’ll still go out. I’m thinking that finding a routine won’t be too long now, but I’m sure it may take another week. 😉

Some good news, despite my inability to follow too much of a routine here recently, I’m down a grand total of 38.2 pounds! I’m so close to 40 I can almost taste it. Remember, I plan to reward myself when I reach 40 pounds lost with this super cute Fossil wallet. Now I know some of my recent great weight loss has been a function of my eating being off and only eating the low end of what I should be, but I’m pretty happy with my achievements and know that as long as I stay the course and don’t go crazy when I’m back on the normal track, I’ll continue to lose at a good pace.

Alright everyone, I’ll leave you with a more recent photo of me and happy last day of February! (Hopefully spring will be coming soon!!)

Down 38.2 pounds!!


6 thoughts on “Radio Silence

    • Thanks, darling. Isn’t it super cute? They have an adorable crossbody bag that matches that I may have to get at 80 pounds lost. lol

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