Mid-Week Weigh-In

Well, I usually stay away from weighing myself any more than once a week as to not get myself too worked up over minor gains. But, I weighed myself mid-week this time because I was curious if some of the water weight from all that Superbowl sodium feast had passed. Thankfully, it did! I’m a little surprised to say I have lost 3.4 pounds since Monday which brings me to a grand total of 27 pounds lost! I’m getting super close to that lovely 30 pound and 10% mark.

Fingers crossed that I hit that mark soon. It’s my first “big” goal and I know how great it will make me feel.

On another note, I’ve decided that I want to hit 245 by mid-May so that I’ll feel extra nice for a wedding we’re going to the end of that month. I’m pretty sure that if I keep up my current weight loss pattern, I should be able to hit that with no problems. =)



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